The Rich History Of Coffee

Do you ever pause to think about the roots of the drink you’re enjoying so much when you sit back to enjoy your first cup of joe for the day?

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Coffee’s history is remarkable, beginning with legend and growing in popularity around the world at an unparalleled rate through commerce.

Ethiopian Folklore

A goat herder (Kaldi) is said to have seen that a small group of goats grew so excited and lively after eating specific berries that they didn’t even sleep at night, according to mythology.

He delivered the berries to a nearby monastery, where the monks began experimenting with them. The abbot soon informed the monks of their discovery, and coffee was born.

Arabian Roots

The Arabs were the first to plant coffee and the first to trade it as a commodity. Its quick expansion was because Muslims adopted it as their preferred beverage because they were unable to consume alcohol.

During this time period, the forerunners of today’s Starbucks were also born. Public coffee shops, known as qahveh khaneh, began to pop up all over the east and rapidly became social hotspots.

The Spread Across Europe

In the 17th century, coffee began to spread across Europe. Initially, Catholics were opposed to the beverage, believing it to be Satan’s creation. However, coffee soon became a special favorite of Pope Clement VIII, and as a result, the church eventually approved it.

As coffee became more popular in Europe, coffee shops began to sprout up in all of the major cities.

Expansion Into The New World

Although tea was the preferred beverage in early America, coffee was also brought to the continent. Coffee has been transported since the early settlements, according to archives. As tea became increasingly highly taxed in the years leading up to the American Revolution, coffee became even more popular.

Coffee In Today’s World

Coffee has gone from being entirely unknown to being one of the staples of the contemporary diet in just a few hundred years. There are nearly 20,000 Starbucks shops in the United States alone.

Millions of people all over the world begin their day with a cup of coffee, and millions more drink it throughout the day.

Not only that, but the general public now has access to a wide range of coffee varietals. Not only are there many types of beans, but there are also various roasting levels, flavored coffees, and other preparations, such as espresso and cappuccino that have grown in popularity over the last few decades.

And, despite its brief history, coffee’s history is as full of curiosity and mystery as the history of any other beverage. The history of coffee is a fascinating subject that can only be briefly discussed in one article. In fact, some argue that coffee’s history is as fascinating as the dark liquid itself.

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Coffee -The Way It Was Meant To Be