How to Impress With The Best Coffee Gifts

If you dread buying gifts because you never know what to buy, ask yourself if the recipient loves coffee. If the answer is yes, you've opened a world of possibilities.

As challenging as gift buying can be, finding the perfect gift is easy when shopping for a coffee fan. And if you love coffee, you'll probably find the perfect coffee gift for you, too.

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Here, we explore the best accessories for coffee lovers, the best espresso gifts, luxury coffee gift sets, premium coffee gifts, and more. Of course, we also recommend the best coffee, so read on:

Confection Heaven

If you love espresso, you know it's often served with a slice of lemon rind on the side. Lemon is perfect with espresso; I believe it’s delicious in regular coffee too.

So, it comes to reason that coffee fans particularly appreciate lovely, lemony treats.

Here’s our favorite: Italian chocolatier Andy Anand (voted "The Best Gourmet Confection in California") has a mouth-watering Chocolate Lemon Liqueur Cordial gift set that comes beautifully gift-boxed.

Anand confections are all made in Italy—a delectable gift that's sure to be remembered. And Anand also has a wide variety of other candies and sweets.

Coffee Grinder

Grinding coffee beans has become part of the American coffee drinking experience, and the choices of coffee grinders are mind-boggling.

Today, you can buy coffee grinders with blades that chop beans into fine particles. However, in our opinion (and the view of many coffee fans), chopped beans are inferior. Grinders that chop are affordable and often cost less than $20, but they are not the best choice. A reliable grinder is an outstanding gift choice if your gift recipient needs a grinder or owns an inferior one.

Your best choice for a coffee grinder is a burr grinder. Burr grinders operate on the same principle as hand-cranked grinders. However, the grinding plates have, you guessed it, burrs, ensuring the coffee particles are identical in size. Burr grinders are, of course, more expensive, but they are superior grinders.

Kitchen Aid has an excellent burr coffee grinder, and you can choose your grind: espresso, French press, percolator, or drip. Altogether, it offers 70 grind settings, including cold brew. Use the "Removable Top Hopper to save and transfer unused beans back into a sealed container for fresh-keeping and easily switch beans between brews."

Filtered Water as a Gift? YES!

Yes, water makes a difference when making the best coffee. A filtering pitcher is always a welcome gift that few think of buying. However, filtered water is always handy for coffee and much more. Our recommendations:

PUR has an easy-to-use water filter pitcher with no installation needed. It doesn’t take up much space in a refrigerator (refrigeration optional), and the replacement filters last a long time. In addition, we like how PUR has included an indicator light that tells you if you’re getting close to needing a new filter.

For the ease of filtration installed on a faucet, PUR has a reasonably-priced model certified to reduce 70 contaminants, let and mercury among them.

Coffee Measure-for-Measure

Aesthetics are important. Coffee enjoyment increases when a person feels pampered. A coffee scoop is a thoughtful gift and the perfect accessory when giving coffee as a gift. Try one of these:

Balique Marrakesh Collection Wooden Coffee Scoop: A bright, colorful wooden coffee scoop with an artisan touch.

Apace Living Coffee Scoop (set of 2): Durable, long-lasting 304-grade stainless steel—available in rose gold, gold, and stainless silver.

Espresso Maker

If you want a top-shelf gift that will impress, an espresso maker is the best, and an espresso maker is an excellent choice if a group wants to go in together for a gift: boss, wedding, birthday, shower, etc.

Sage The Barista Pro Manual Espresso Maker does everything from grinding to brewing to frothing. It’s high-end, worth it, and a gift to be cherished.

For a more affordable model, the Jassy Espresso Machine Cappuccino Coffee Machine with 19 BAR Pump & Powerful Milk Tank is highly rated and produces crema extraordinaire.

Coffee Mugs

Do you love your coffee mug(s)? Most people feel an attachment to their mugs, and many go to great lengths to find one that is exceptional. If you're one of them, we understand. Drinking coffee is a ritual, and anything that helps make drinking coffee as enjoyable as possible is worth the effort. That’s why giving a mug can also be a great gift.

What kind of mug lover is the recipient?

  • Someone who is sentimental and loves corny coffee mugs?
  • An art lover?
  • A perfectionist who wants a mug that performs—unbreakable, scratch-resistant, retains heat, and the cost is no object?
  • Someone who doesn’t care what mug they use (paper cups, mason jars, buckets, cupped hands)?

Sentimental mug: Everyone should have one. Cover all bases with a classic Life is Good Mug.

Artisan: Uncommon Clay features traditional, American-made mugs—each individually handmade and available in different colors. Our favorite is a potbelly mug because the wide bottom and narrower brim help retain heat.

Perfectionist: A Smart Mug by Ember (the world’s first temperature control mug) is a must.

Doesn’t give a hoot: You're going to love this one. Just drink the coffee straight from the coffee pot (that's a mug)—laugh-worthy.

Here are a few more suggestions:

Our favorite all-around travel mug is the Contigo Autoseal. We love Contigo because of its stainless-steel construction, and it keeps coffee hot for up to seven hours. Because the outside stays cool while the inside stays hot, Contigo is an excellent choice. The lid is dishwasher safe but wash the mug by hand. For an all-dishwasher-safe alternative, read on.

If you prefer a top-of-the-line travel mug, it's Yeti. Yeti has dual-slider magnet technology, 18/8 stainless steel, double-wall vacuum insulation, and, the best part, both the cup and lid are dishwasher safe. In addition, it holds 30 ounces of coffee. There are many colors available.

Coffee Frother

One of the reasons why cappuccinos and macchiatos are so popular is the creamy, blissful, foamed milk on top. You can use a milk frother to enjoy foamy, frothy delight in regular coffee. It turns a cup of black coffee into a gourmet experience.

There are many types of frothers available. The least expensive is a simple, handheld "stick" frother such as the Bonsenkitchen Frother. To use a stick frother, put the whisk in heated milk, turn it on, and whip (you can also use cold milk).

Stick frothers work well, but they can be glitchy and break easily. If your budget allows, we recommend Froth Labs Milk Frother—this is one impressive gift.

Tip: Once you’ve frothed your coffee, put it in the microwave for a few seconds to make the foam rise higher. Watch it closely, so it doesn’t spill over the brim.

Cold Brew System

Anyone who loves coffee will appreciate having a cold brew system, and they make excellent gifts.

Here's some fun: While expensive, many cold brew systems are as beautiful as functional. If you've never seen a luxury cold brew coffee maker, you're going to enjoy looking at these:

GYQZC has an exquisite cold brew system that is also beautiful to see.

If space is a problem, here's a Moica Dutch model that mounts to the wall.

Kitchen Aid has a glass and stainless steel model if a basic model is more your style. It's not as artsy, but it is a solid, practical, affordable countertop model you'll love.

Coffee Wall Art

Wall art can be a coffee fan's delight—what better way for them to declare their love of coffee to the world. Here are some suggestions:

Whimsical: "Instant Human! Just add coffee." This canvas will bring a morning smile—once you're back to being human.

Bright and Bold: What says coffee better than a neon coffee sign?

Time for Coffee: This retro, battery-operated wall clock has a weathered, 1950's diner look.

Coffee Books

Coffee is fascinating. Here are some exciting book suggestions:

Mark Pendergrast's UNCOMMON GROUNDS: A COFFEE EPIC—“a coffee-flavored history of the world.

A coffee table book about, what else? Coffee! James Hoffmann's THE WORLD ATLAS OF COFFEE—Coffees Explored, Explained, and Enjoyed. Hoffman’s book has thousands of 5-star reviews.


T-shirts make great gifts for coffee enthusiasts.

For Star Wars fans: I Like My Coffee on the Dark Side.

For "potheads" (coffee pots, that is): Vintage, retro coffee pot tee.

For Disney fans: Lilo and Stitch “But first, coffee.”

For dog lovers: All I need is coffee and my dog.

For cat lovers: A good day starts with coffee and cats

For when you want to, well, kill someone.

And Of Course, Coffee

Coffee is perhaps the best gift for a coffee lover. You can't go wrong.

Why is coffee an excellent gift?

-Many people get tired of getting decorative gifts they "have to put somewhere." So, think again if you're considering getting someone a functional or decorative piece.


These days, more and more people like to choose their tools and decorations themselves, and they often loathe feeling obligated to find a place for what you bought (they think they need to put it out so you can see it). Even the vase that holds the flowers you sent will need to be put away somewhere.

-Food and clothing are great gifts, but you need to know someone's taste at the moment, clothing size, or food sensitivities. Plus, even though you know the recipient loves and can eat chocolate, he may have just started a new diet and doesn't want the temptation, or he may have lost or gained a few pounds, and the clothing size you think is right is wrong.

-This one's a little selfish, but if you visit the recipient, you know you'll get a great cup of coffee.

Our favorite Custom Roast Coffee is organic, fair trade, and freshly prepared on the day you order. A gift of coffee shows you care enough to choose a gift someone will love. Giving a gift that tastes great shows you have great taste.

Happy gifting!

Coffee -The Way It Was Meant To Be