How to Brew A Perfect Cup Of Coffee

Are you finding that you enjoy coffee from your local café but can't seem to replicate the flavor at home? Is your daily cup of coffee putting a dent in your bank account?

perfect cup of coffee brew

Whatever your motivation, mastering the art of making a great cup of coffee at home is a skill. Many people who claim to despise coffee find that they change their mind when they taste coffee that is prepared properly. You can also save money by brewing your own coffee and taking it with you on the go.

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Here are a few tips on how to brew the perfect cup of coffee at home.

Make Sure Your Machine Is Clean

A dirty coffee maker is the number one killer of a good cup of coffee. Before you begin, always be sure your coffee maker is clean.

The easiest way to clean your coffee maker is to use a solution of one part vinegar to two parts water. You then rinse it with two pots of fresh, clear water or until you can no longer smell the vinegar as the water fills the pot. Before putting everything back together, disassemble it and let it dry overnight.

If you don't want to use vinegar, you can try our favorite coffee maker cleaner. 

Bar Keepers Friend Coffee Maker Cleaner

Which Machine Is Best?

Have you ever wondered why certain coffee makers cost under $25 while others cost more than $250? It's because the more costly ones make better-tasting coffee, so if you can afford, don't be afraid to pay good money for a coffee maker. 

Our favorite type of coffee maker is one that has a carafe for keeping your coffee at temp versus using a burner and pot that ends up burning your coffee if you don't drink it fast enough. Here is a great mid-priced coffee maker that does a good job:

Cuisinart Coffeemaker with Thermal Carafe

The more expensive models are built of stainless steel and materials other than plastic, which helps to keep the coffee's flavor as it sits. The more expensive devices also heat the water to a higher temperature, which affects the taste, as we'll see later.

Yard sales and garage sales are fantastic places to find secondhand but high-quality coffee makers for a low price.

You could also use a French press instead of a machine. The French press, according to some, is the best technique to create the perfect cup of coffee.

Filtered Water

It's likely that your coffee won't taste as delicious if you use tap water. It will also hasten the calcification of your machine's interior, especially if you use hard tap water. For best results, use filtered water that is both fresh and cold. We recommend this water filter for best results.

Brita Longlast Everyday Water Filter Pitcher

The Right Beans

It's time to get to the coffee beans now that your machine is clean and your water is fresh, cold, and filtered.

Coffee beans go stale very quickly. If you buy pre-ground coffee, buy in small amounts so you don't waste it. It only keeps its freshness for about a week.

Get entire coffee beans and invest in a grinder if you really want a decent cup of coffee. Choose high-quality beans rather than the mass-produced variety. If you live near a coffee shop, buy your beans there rather than at the supermarket or order from us at

How Much To Use Per Cup?

Two teaspoons of freshly ground coffee per 6-ounce cup of water is a good rule of thumb. For people who like their coffee stronger, add an extra tablespoon at the end.

Drink It Right Away

Coffee should be consumed as soon as possible after it has been brewed. Brew in small batches because it loses flavor after a time.

Woman Drinking Coffee in Kitchen

That's it! You should be well on your way to producing a great cup of coffee with a little trial and error.

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