Cold Brew Coffee – Tips For The Perfect Flavor

Cold brew coffee has become extremely popular. Even those who don't live in a hot climate have discovered how refreshing and invigorating cold brew coffee can be, and many people have replaced iced soda and tea with cold brew coffee.

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Unexpected Food Recipes To Use Cold Brew In

Cold brew is also excellent in recipes. A quick search on the Internet using "cold brew coffee recipes" will return countless ideas.

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For example, we've found that a little cold brew is excellent when deglazing a pan— it makes gravy taste richer.

And the next time you make a pot of chili, try adding cold brew at the end of cooking, a quarter cup (or less) to the whole pot at a time until it tastes as you like. You'll notice a deeper, more complex flavor with the side benefit of having created a dish that's also a pick-me-up! There’s nothing like having a hearty meal that gives energy in more ways than one.

Try A Cold Brew Cocktail

Cold brew also makes fabulous cocktails. Try mixing cold brew with vodka, sugar, water, and a little vanilla, to taste, and maybe add a little cream. This also works with rum, tequila, and gin, so choose your favorite libation and enjoy.

Make Cold Brew Ice Cubes

Remember, too, that cold brew coffee in an ice tray will make ice cubes that enhance the flavor of your drink rather than water it down. And those same ice cubes can be used in soups and stocks as in the chili, above.

The Cold Brew Facts

Cold brew coffee has been around for a long time, dating back to 1600s Japan. However, it wasn't until the later part of the 20th century that cold brew gained popularity. As a result, most gourmet coffee shops now feature cold brew to please their customers.

So, why is cold brew so popular? Cold brew coffee has a sweeter taste than hot coffee. And did you know that cold brew coffee is less acidic than regular coffee?

Cold brew is a great way to use old coffee beans. The cold-brewing process is forgiving when it comes to taste. If your coffee beans are over three weeks old, you can get more mileage from them by using them for cold brew, so use your freshest beans for hot coffee, and save your old beans for cold brewing.

Cold Brew Vs Iced Coffee

What is cold brew coffee, and how about cold brew vs. regular coffee and cold brew vs. iced coffee?

As you may know, cold brew coffee is different than iced coffee. Iced coffee is just as it sounds—regular coffee poured over ice.

But it's interesting to note that the flavor profile in hot coffee is not the same as with cold brew. This is because the acid in hot coffee becomes bitter when it cools.

But cold brew, using cold water, is an extraction process that produces concentrated coffee with a sweet, high flavor profile that's memorable and delicious. As you might imagine, once people try cold brew, they want more of it in their lives—a coffee-lover's delight.

Have a taste test: Try a cold brew coffee and an iced coffee simultaneously. The taste difference will amaze you. You'll notice the smooth and creamy taste immediately.

Why Does It Cost More?

If you've noticed that cold brew coffee is more expensive in coffee shops, it is because of the time it takes to make. It's not unusual for the cold brew process to take up to a day, with 12-14 hours being the average.

How To Make Cold Brew Coffee

So, how to make cold brew coffee, and what is the perfect ratio of beans to water?

The first thing to know is that cold brew coffee requires a coarse grind, with dark roast coffee preferred. So, for the best cold brew method, start with the freshest, most delicious whole beans, use a coffee grinder, and use an authentic cold-brew coffee-making system.

wikiHow recommends "One cup of water to every ounce of coffee beans," but of course, feel free to adjust the ratio to your taste.

Our favorite dark roast comes from Custom Roast Coffee—the best coffee to make cold brew at home. Custom Roast Coffee fresh roasts to order, and no pesticides are ever used. Be sure to order whole beans.

Use A Burr Grinder For The Best Flavor

If you want to grind your coffee yourself, then a burr grinder is your best choice. Unfortunately, blade grinders can produce grounds that make bitter-tasting coffee. Burr grinders cost more than blade grinders, but they deliver uniform grounds and consistently good taste (as long as you're using fresh and fabulous coffee beans, of course).

We’ve recommended Kitchen Aid many times on this site because Kitchen Aid has an excellent burr coffee grinder, and you can choose your grind: espresso, French press, percolator, or drip. Altogether, it offers 70 grind settings, including cold brew. Use the "Removable Top Hopper to save and transfer unused beans back into a sealed container for fresh-keeping and easily switch beans between brews."

Cold Brew Systems For Authentic Taste

There are shortcuts to making cold brew, but if you use them, you won't have authentically cold-brewed coffee. It's best to invest in an actual cold-brew system, and it doesn't have to be only for you.

If you're looking for a gift for a coffee fan, a cold brew system is an outstanding gift, and because it's a gift people seldom think of giving, you'll make a great impression and come off as the most thoughtful gift-giver in the world.

Here's some fun: Many cold brew coffee makers, while expensive, are beautiful as functional decorative pieces. If you've never seen a luxury cold brew coffee maker, you're going to enjoy looking at these. Not only are they decorative, they make outstanding cold brew coffee. And, when you add up the cost of ordering a cold brew daily, you’ll find that investing in a cold brew coffee maker will quickly pay for itself, not to mention the convenience of always having cold brew coffee at home.

GYQZC has an exquisite cold brew system—a high-end model that will impress. It looks like a cross between a science experiment and the Eifel Tower, and it costs almost as much as a trip to Paris (well, maybe not that much, but it is pricey). SO COOL!

If space is a problem, Moica has a beautiful, wooden, Dutch model that mounts to the wall.

Kitchen Aid has a glass and stainless steel model. It's not as artsy, but it is a solid, practical, affordable countertop model you'll love.

Cold brew coffee makers are an impressive and fun way to show off your love of coffee. Just wait until your guests' faces light up when they look at yours!

Remember: Our favorite coffee comes from Custom Roast Coffee—the perfect choice for cold brew and all your coffee needs. We like how Custom Roast Coffee will refund your purchase if you’re not happy with your order, but not to worry, you’ll love it.

Cold brew time!

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